Ralph Walker has a very appealing style in the pulpit.  His sermons are thought-provoking and most importantly, true to the text of Scripture.  He has appeared on previous lecture programs, most recently in 2016.  His life and work have been centered around  “Living for Jesus.”

Ralph R. Walker, Jr. was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1954.  He is married to the former Paula Robarts, a union that has produced three daughters: Carrie Ann Moseley, Amanda Olson, and Bonny Cable.  Those daughters have blessed the Walkers with nine grandchildren and three sons-in-law who are faithful Christians.

Brother Walker has labored as the local evangelist for churches in Louisville, Kentucky, Cleveland, Mississippi, and Concord, North Carolina.  Since 1994, he has preached for the Henderson Boulevard congregation in Tampa, Florida where he also serves as one of the shepherds.  In addition to his local work, Ralph holds several gospel meetings each year and conducts marriage retreats with his friend and fellow preacher, Mark Broyles.  He is also a gifted writer with articles appearing in numerous publications produced by our brethren. For nearly twenty years, Ralph was the Public Relations and Alumni Director at Florida College.  He resigned from this work in 2013 to return to full-time preaching.

We were honored to have him preach to us in October of 2019.

October 6th – October 9th 2019

10-6-19 – Sunday, Bible Class – The Saint And The Sinner

10-6-19 – Sunday, Morning – The Rich Fool

10-6-19 – Sunday, Evening – Batteries Not Included

10-7-19 – Monday – The Misery Of Being Good

10-8-19 – Tuesday – Won’t You Be My Neighbor

10-9-19 – Wednesday – The Multi-talented Disciples