Caleb grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Florida, Kentucky, Alabama and New York. He is a 7-12th grade school teacher by trade, but, in 2012, Caleb moved to the Bronx to begin devoting himself fully to evangelism and ministry in New York City. Caleb is married to his lovely wife Lindsey. They have 3 children together—all boys 6 and younger. After 5 years in the Bronx, Caleb and Lindsey were sent to Brooklyn to minister to a new gathering of believers. They currently live in Bed-Stuy where they garden, play basketball, and love serving the people of the city.

We had the honor of having him preach to us in April and May of 2019.

April 28th – May 2nd 2019

4-28-19 – Sunday Morning

4-28-19 – Sunday Evening

4-29-19 – Monday

4-30-19 – Tuesday

5-1-19 – Wednesday

5-2-19 – Thursday